Turku Wushu Kungfu Association



The Turku Wushu Kungfu Association (TWKS) was established in 2008. The association furthers the practice of wushu, especially Shaolin wushu in the region of Turku. TWKS cooperates with the Finnish Wushu Kungfu Association and other Finnish wushu- and kungfu-associations. Coaches regularly travel to China to learn wushu.



When you start training, you also become a member of the association. Membership fee is 10 € / year and it’s included in the course fees. Membership will end automatically if you don’t come to training for over a year or don’t pay the membership fee. If you want to stay as a member during a practice break, inform the board and pay the membership fee. Members are added to the mailing list.



Chairman: Timo-Ilkka Leikas

Secretary: Roope Heimonen

Treasurer: Lauri Lehtonen

You’ll reach the board from the address hallitus@twks.fi



Hamed Shafae

Jyri Sucksdorff



Lauri Lehtonen

Timo-Ilkka Leikas

Markus Pesonen

Huy Pham

Martti Soininen